Tiger Woods And The 12 Steps

February 20, 2010 at 9:56 pm Leave a comment

I guess my eight and ninth step are going to be easier than Tiger Wood’s eigth and ninth step   I did not several mistress and betray the trust of my spouse.   I  am lazy, stubborn, selfish, and self-serving but I do not seriously emotionally hurt anybody with my drinking and do not have as much wreckage from the past.

For Tiger, working the eigth and ninth step is critical because when these two steps are performed throughly, this is how he will properly make amends to people that he harmed.  The general public wants an apology now but in reality, that apology needs to be delayed so Tiger will do the necessary introspection to identify his fears, resentments, and character defects.  In addition, he needs to trust the higher power of this universe rather than his ego as source of guidance.

When he learns humilty and starts to root out of his character defects, he have the power to make amends fearlessly. At that point, the wreckage of his past will start to go away and he will able to return play golf.  If he achieves  a spiritual awakening, Tiger will not only be a better golfer but a person people will learn to respect and will achieve role model status again.   This time he will actually be a role model based on character and not based on his ability to hit a golf ball.


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