Kenneth Mosely is the Next Person To The Texas Slaughterhouse

January 8, 2010 at 12:47 am Leave a comment

Personally, I support the death penalty but only in the cases of extermely aggravated murder.  I think Texas is too loose with their death penalty standards.

Of course, cowboy governor is taking another felon to the nooses .  Instead of the gallows today, it is sterlized chamber where the needle will be injected into Kennith Mosely.

His crime was shooting a cop.  Here is some information from the AP

“A man convicted of gunning down a police officer during an attempted bank robbery was set to receive a lethal injection Thursday, the first execution of the year in the nation’s busiest death penalty state.

Kenneth Mosley, 51, was condemned to death for the February 1997 slaying of David Moore, a Garalnd police officer. Mosley was set for execution twice last year but technical issues and court appeals stalled the punishment. His attorneys said his appeals now were exhausted.

“We just can’t find anything,” Bruce Anton said.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles denied a request for clemency for Mosley earlier this week”

This is considered a case of aggravated murder.  It is not exteremely aggravated murder and therefore, the sentence of death is not warranted.

The sentence should be life without parole.  The sentence should be commuted just on that material fact alone.  Too many state’s have loose death penalty clauses.

I do not know the merits of the case of whether the person is guilty or not. I don’t care. This man does not deserve to die.

Just my thoughts.  Most of the public is going to disagree with me and the death penalty advocates are not like going to support my positions.  However, there is needs to be strict punishment for exteremely aggravated murder and therefore, the death penalty needs to be used.   An example of exteremly aggravated murder is the Richard Rameriz Nightstalker case or the Fort Hood suspect.  The subject cases merit the death penalty.

If I were the governor of Texas and this case came to my desk, the sentence will be commuted immediately.


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