Prison Crises

October 11, 2009 at 5:53 am Leave a comment

Talking to the outside world on the issue of prison reform and working with prisoners is like talking a wall.  People just do not care or want to lock away and throw away the key.


I was talking to a friend tonight about the California prison crises.  His solution was “let’s move them to desert in the middle of Nevada”. 


He doesn’t get it.  That does not solve the problem  The only way this problem gets solve if we all care about it.


People are on the outside and are callous.  And the legislature is just as bad.  Talking to Legislature like to talking to the wall.


And reforming the prison problem is not just about changing sentence laws.  It is about changing cultural and social condition.  The type of reform that requires sacrifice.

 It means giving back people to the tools to empower their lives back. The solution means teaching people a spiritual path to live. That community rise up and drive out the gangsters.  It mean standing up to the corporations and  not allowing corporate culture to infilatrate the street.

Changing the sentence laws is just a bandaid.  It means changing life and people.

And I am not capable and powerless.  All I can do is change individual lives one at time.


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