Unconditional Love

August 7, 2009 at 4:59 am Leave a comment

One of toughest things in life is to have unconditional love. It is very difficult to be accepting of a person that has different faith and value system, and yet you can find them to be a spiritual pilgram in life.

Yet, I have found this person. There is a woman that I went to high school with and her and I have different concept of faiths. (I am agnostic (note: I have many years within the church) and She is an Xtian). I find her words to radiant and peaceful to my heart. For some reason, I find her spirituality to be attractive to her. She has a lot of physical ailments and it seems that she has been through a nasty divorce

I accept her unconditionally for the person that she is. I do not want to change her into some poi-spinning fire goddess or a belly-dancer (which is my concept of my dream girl). I love her for the person that she is and I find spirituality that radiates that from within

This concept extends to the prisoner,and to the homeless drunk on Charlie Street, I do not care if you are Jesus Freak, an atheist, a Burner, a surfer, a rapper, a prisoner, a Zen monk, or a person with autism. It is my goal to show love

The one character defect that I have in this area is that I resent all of the people that show for a health care rally and state “socialism” without knowing what the word means or provide a clear, cut alternative and shows that the private market is completly more efficient than the public market. Or people like Eric Prince that is some crazied Christian crusader who want to conquor the Islamic world. These people that I resent because they create resentment and hate whether they go. It is not the Christian spirituality that turns me off, but rather it when turns into crusade to conquor the world.

I want faith and life and not hate and resentment in the name of cross. That is not why Jesus supposedly came to the world and to save people from their spiritual malady.


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