Obama Lost Because Old White Man Stayed At Home

July 22, 2009 at 4:18 am Leave a comment

One guy thinks so. From America’s Right Blog (http://www.americasright.com/2009/07/exploding-2008-election-myth.html),

“Barack Obama didn’t win because of the voters he attracted to the polls. He won because of the voters who stayed home. Specifically older, white voters who saw nothing they liked in either Barack Obama or John McCain.

This undercuts some of Obama’s political mandate, but even more importantly it proves that the conservatives have been right all along. The GOP didn’t lose because they were too far to the right. They lost because they were too far to the left. This is a simple fact that the MSM either can’t grasp or won’t admit, but I have little doubt that the Obama administration is well aware of it”

So this is the case. That grumpy, old white man stayed home to vote.

Why does the Republican Party feel that it has to defend the white male? Personally, I am a white male and do not need the Republican party to defend my race. I personally want more diversity and more tolerance in this country.

And when do I need the Republican party to preserve American traditional values? Even if I were a conservative Christian, I still do not need these guys to practice my faith.

I think that the free market has gone over line and these guys have no case anymore.


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