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As I check on Facebook today,  I see a lot of friends state “he has risen” and some of my other friendsare not celebrate his resurrection.  Personally, I am a point of my life where I seriously questioning my beliefs.  It is a healthy exercise of skepticism.

When John Terranova left ACPC,  I felt out of place at the there.  A lot of the people were married couples with children and I felt that I did not fit in there.  For a single male of 31 years old, I had no idea where I could find a faith community that would cater to me.  In addition, my understanding of science makes me increasingly skeptical of events in the early portions of Genesis.

I have no resentments towards the faith but it has  lost meaning in my life.  Some of you feel that I am in a spiritual desert.  However, I do not feel that I am in a spiritual desert.  Right now, I live my life by spiritual principles.  The spiritual principles that are found in AA and in the Christian traditions.

I believe faith provide meaning in life.  I feel that Burning Man experience and also the spiritual principles that were taught by Kevin Otsuji, Tom Gastil, and Tim Hahne still are part of me today.   It is the anchor of my recovery.  While I struggle with issue of existance of God, these crises of faith are normal.  Many people go through these experiences and later find God.

Right now, I am without a faith community.  The one faith community that I thought about attending is considered to be emergent and coming from a Reformed background, it makes me question whether the church’s doctrine is good or bad.  Due to this struggle, I have spent the last two months on Sunday and not attending any church.

This might be disappointing news  for some but we need to more honest in defining our own spirituality.  Too many people in this world are not honest with themselves and their spirituality.  From the subject issue is the roots of religious hypocrisy.  And Jesus hated religious hypocrisy as stated in Matthew 23:28

“Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity”

One of things of the AA program is the process of intensive self-examination.  To prevent hypocrisy and iniquity in our lives, we need engage in intensive self-examination to see where we are spiritually.  So please make Easter  a time where you reflect spiritually and see where you are in faith with God or higher power (note: Some of the readers practice faiths other than Christianity).

Our world is littered with religious hypocrites,  Religious hypocrisy has led to wars, death, and lives being shattered.  Honesty with one’s spirituality allows one to walk on the narrow road towards spiritual contentment and living a peaceful, resentment-free lifestyle.  We need more of these people in our society today.


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