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Feelings of Gloom But Hope is Found in Friends

At Newseum’s website (which is a museum in Washington DC that covers media), is a web page devoted to displaying the front pages from all of the major dailies in the United States. Some of headlines includes Governor: State Stand At Cliff’s Edge or School Pink Slip Hits Home.

The headlines read of times of gloom and doom. One can sit for a few minutes by looking at the headlines and lose all hope. In recovery, to lose all hope is a return back to the nightmare.

Instead, I start to think about the number of friends that I have. My thoughts of Alla and Bender, Matt and Angela, Star, Mike Cavallo, BadDawg, Mike and Kay, Collen and Eric (Dead Meat), Seth and Michelle, Scott and Ginny, and John and Connie filled my mind. Than, I did not feel alone. I felt that I could contact them and just a regular good old conversation would make me for forget the doom and gloom in the news.

One needs to make sober decisions with their money, resources, and time and how it is allocated during these tough times. After that, they are things that we cannot control and that we need just let go. To dwell upon such things is a ticket to feeling sad and who wants to mire themselves in gloom. Try to live in the moment and find serenity with nature, your higher power (a lot of my friends have different belief systems), and friends.

When I dwell on the subject thoughts, worry goes away and I am able to do things that I need to do. Depression and excessive worry drain energy and often prevent one from putting energy into things that are most important. That is why I put little faith in gloom because it do not accomplish anything. I put hope in serenity and it gives me the ability to focus on things that I need to do.

In conclusion, try to find serenity with your life and you will have the energy to cope with the recession. Finding serenity will allow you make to rational decision-making that one needs to make during these hard ties.

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