Gangs and One Way to Stop Them

March 14, 2009 at 10:40 pm Leave a comment

As I look into lives, the ones that I despise are gangs. These people are like cancerous plague and go into the inner-city destorying everything that people have built up. Afer watching several episodes of Gangland on The History Channel, I feel that I want them to stop because they terrorize the least fortunate people in society. The working poor that work so hard to scratch out an eek of an assistance have to contend with these guys.

One of the reasons why I think that inner-city schools are bad is because the gang create a culture that glorifies street life and thuggery rather an inspiring culture that lifts people out of poverty and to live a sucessful live. They sell drugs and get people addicted to powerful substances that I would never touch. I think the only way to combat the power of gangs is to start to work from public health model for simple drug possession. Outright decrminalization is the best solution but that is too radical for this society to do. The simple thing is that we do unthinkable in California, we place a ballot on the 2012 ballot that calls for full legalization of marijuana, the repeal of three strikes for nonviolent three strikes, and move possession of controlled substance to a misdemanor.


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