Recovery and Mindfulness and Howard Hughes

March 1, 2009 at 9:50 pm Leave a comment

I am watching a documentary on Howard Hughes right now. Howard Hughes had OCD but lacked a critical trait that is needed to overcome OCD. The key trait is mindfulness and that is the key for overcoming OCD.

In my life, this is nirvana and the spiritual awakening that I have been awaited for my life. It is the key to ending my problem with disorganization and OCD. It is what will save my job and allow to endure the brutal recession.

And Howard Hughes had an addiction to painkillers. The addiction fed with an OCD mind created a monster. What would solve the problem? A lifestyle that teaches serenity among pain and mindfulness among pain. To learn to live with pain and calmness in one’s life that cannot dealt with.

I can never return to drinking because it would ruin my life. Mindfulness is how I live my life now and now is backbone of my program. I could let the news and problems of this world to mess up this state of nirvana. As I work the program, I let my mindfulnesses deal with bad news and filter it out.

It is in serenity that I am learning to migtate my autism and OCD. A carefully-developed program around the 12 step is the healing thing in life to deal life’s pain. I do not have a non 12-step fellowship near me so I had to adopt the 12 steps methodlogy to live in recovery in addiction. The 12-step model has radically changed my life.

Life has now become finally manageable and I can deal with whatever life throws at me without taking a drink or getting into unhealthy depressionary spiral.

This lifestyle would have saved Howard Hughes lifestyle. It saves addict’s lives. Than, it is my goal to live with this lifestyle and work a lifestyle of hope, inspiration, and to live in the light. It is the only to live.

Our country needs to adopt this lifestyle so we can overcome the numerous hurdles that we have. It is the key for ensuring that our society remains together and deal with life’s problems. It is the key to deal with global warming and global peace.

Yet, I am only one citizen among billions upon billions souls. My life is a microsm in life. I only deal with few hundred individuals or souls of this earth. Yet, this model is the key to deal with addiction and to have peace in this dark and troubling times.


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