Social Isolation is not good for one’s health

February 17, 2009 at 8:47 pm Leave a comment

It feels that the amount of social isolation that I have in my life is unhealthy.   The amount of meetings and what I getting out of AA is good.   I am socially engaged with a lot of people that I go to meetings with and meeting new people each day.

Where the problem lies in with me doing outside activities with people that are not in the program.  I had two opportunties this week to go out and do fun stuff.   However, one event started at 9:30 PM at night and that was too late of starting time for an event in San Diego.  In addition, both events involve alcohol and I just did not want to take the risk of possible relapse.

I am also concerend about lack of diversionary activities in my life.. Lack of diversionary activities is not good when so much of your time is spent on news.  The news can become crushing and depressing.   Since I expose to it so much, it can get me into very gloomy mood and I do not take advantage of opportunties to divert my attention away from the news.  I need to start reading fiction and start to engage in diversionary  activties to reduce the amount of depression in my


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