OCD and Recovery

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I have a dual-diagnosis for autism and alcoholism.   Since I have autism, I have OCD.  For me, OCD is manifested by having obsessive thoughts on specific issue.   I obsess on issues that have no meaning to my life.  For example, I obsess on the state of California prisons.  I do not know that anybody that is locked up or a crime victim.  Therefore, I am not a stakeholder in this issue.


The obsession is trigged is because our state prison system is in dire need of reform.  A normal person would the newspaper and than move on to more important that affect their personal life.  A person that has OCD would read the story and than obsess on how to solve the problem. And they spend hours and hours on this issue.  And the person would be constantly be thinking of the issue


My OCD has produced a number of innovative reforms that need to be made to the system.  However, I realize that the effort required to get the message out of these reforms does not serve a useful purpose when (i) people are not interested in making the reforms and (ii) getting out of the message would significantly increase my stress level and would not provide ample time for rest and relaxation.


The best way to cope with stress that results from OCD is to exercise.   Since I am exercise a lot, my stress level has significantly decreased but I still have the compulsive thoughts.


I have learned that prayer is the best way to deal with compulsive thoughts.  By giving them over to a higher power,  I feel that I no longer have to dwell on the issue.   In addition, there are key scriptures in the New Testament that help me deal with obsessive thoughts.


In conclusion, I am finding that faith in God is a way to cope with things off this life.  In the past, I shunned faith because I thought that I could live on my own power.  I have learned that life is easier and more manageable with faith than without faith.  It meant that I had to give up a life of hedonism but addicts/alcoholics cannot properly manage pleasure.


I am finding biblical morality is a better way to live life.  For a lot of people, they view the subject lifestyle as bondage.  For somebody who is in recovery, it is freedom because we no longer have to give ourselves to slave of pleasure.  A slave of pleasure can make a person lose everything and destroy their lives.  And I have no desire to back to being a slave of pleasure because it nearly made me lose everything


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