Hysteria and Fear in the Republican Party

October 27, 2008 at 8:42 pm 1 comment

I was reading a few blogs from Red State and found that a number of people were posting a slew of blogs stating Obama is going to be a socialist.   Instead of being levelheaded and use logic to defend the principles of conservatism, the people on Red State have hysteria at the prospect of Dems getting 60 seats in the Senate and winning the White House.  Instead of presenting facts, ordinary Republicans are resorting to scare tactics to make people believe in their viewpoint.

I believe that our country should have an honest debate on the issues and the American people should decide which group will best led in America into the next decade.   However, using scare tactics like labeling Obama as a socialist or trying to bring up the specter of William Ayers is not going to change the wayI vote

An honest debate would sound like: “Would the average American benefit more from government aid via a progressive tax system  and more government regulation or benefit more from a flat tax and less regulations?”.  Instead of having this debate, the Republicans are resorting to name-calling and labels like “Socialist”,”Marxist” or “Islam”.

The Republicans use of hysteria and scare-tactics happen because George Bush has destroyed the conservative legacy of Reagan.   They are scared to defend the last eight years of the Bush legacy or attacking the Bush legacy as a mockery of their ideology. 

They should be focusing on the policy errors made the last administration and take corrective actions to adjust their policy positions.  If government regulation is needed as a tool for the market-based system to work more efficiently, than the conservatives should not advocate for more regulations but smarter regulations.  Smarter regulations are regulations do not increase the regulatory power of the government but rather focus on how to use regulation as a tool to make markets more efficient and transparent.  In addition, the regulations should have internal controls to prevent speculation that results in a constant cycle of boom-bust markets.   

They also focus on demonstrating to the American people why the progressive tax system hurts the common interest of the average American.  They need to demonstrate how a flat tax, a consumption tax, or a combination of both systems will result in a lower tax burden to the Americans and help struggling Americans help pay their bills.    They should also promote a plan to bring financial literacy to poor and lower middle-class to help the people properly invest their money

Instead of doing this, the typical name-calling and labeling tactics are being by the bloggers on Red State.  Most people, including Colin Powell and William Weld, are getting this and have towards Obama.  These tactics will result in a massive defeat for the GOP in this election and it is partially due to resorting to tactics that are based on logical fallacies.  The American people have seen the ruse and now the end of Republican era will be soon over in about eight days from now.


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  • 1. Mike Harmon  |  October 27, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.


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