Clarification on Palin

October 2, 2008 at 5:10 am Leave a comment

In interview that I listen today on Fresh Air, Bill Maher calls the Kenyan pastor that “blessed” Palin and Maher said that he was some kind of witch doctor.   Too many people in the media take the word “witchcraft” at its literal meeting.

In reality, that word is Christian jargon.  The proper meaning of the word is that it has to deal with fighting spiritual oppression from Satan and not real witchcraft.  While I view her church as crazy from Reformed perspective (when I talk about Christianity), all of the conservative churches discuss sprirtual oppression from Satan and prayer is how a person protects themselves from Satan.    Therefore, the real point of the Youtube event was a prayer to protect her aganist spiritual oppression from Satan.  And when the pastor speaks in tongues, they are practicing the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were given to the church atPentecost.  According to their theology, the gifts of holy spirit are still valid for this date.

The media needs to do their homework before rushing judgement before making judgements on a person spirituality. You have to take to learn about the spirituality and have an open mind to it.   If we did more of this, a lot of our partisan bickering would disappear and we could really get some of the very difficult problems that our nation faces.


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