Sarah Palin — The Politico Vs the Person

September 17, 2008 at 11:47 am Leave a comment

It is my opinion that I do not like the politician of Sarah Palin but I bet I would dig her in real life.  If she went to my church,  she would be somebody that I want to talk.  She would be a colorful and very charismatic personality to have around at a church.  An woman with several children, faithful to her husband,  

Aka — She is the ultimate soccer mom. 

However, her policies and use of Christianity to guide her political position worry me.  But I never once thought about desiring to vote for McCain.  The junior senator from Illinois is agreement with me on economic policies and I agree with him on most issues except for illegal immigration and entitlement reform

Unlike Palin, I do not let my spirituality guide my politics because I know it dangerous and America is a secular nation; not a Christian nation.  Since I view America as a secular nation and not a Christian nation, my voting decision is done what make sense in a secular world, not what is done Christian nation

If God is real, than he will return and set up his own kingdom.  Until he does, we live in secular world and therefore my voting and political decisions are based on what is best for the country from a secular point of view and the church focus on its real task which is saving souls for Christ.


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