Cultural Wars – A Waste of Our Time

September 15, 2008 at 7:10 pm Leave a comment

In America, the culture wars are considered to be a big waste of the time.  With the Lehman Brothers meltdown and global warming,  why do we need to fighting about trivial things as abortion as a major policy issue.


Secular American will not buy off the Christian views of  morality and relationships.  From a Christian perspective, the unredeemed mind is not capable following the commandments of God.   If the majority of society does not actively the religion, than the government of the United States should not be based on biblical morality but what the collective morality of the people demand


For example, collective society in the United States believes that first-degree murder is considered to be immoral action and therefore, should be punished with harsh jail sentence that ranges from (20 years to Life Without Parole) or death for the most heinous of murders.  In addition, theft of property is considered to be a moral issue that collective society has deemed as immortal and therefore, punished with term of imprisonment.


However, when comes to trivial issues like gay marriage, are we wasting our lawmakers time in trying to demand that these law changes?  The United States has serious problems that our lawmakers need to pay attention and not wedge issues, which waste the effort of our elected representative and judiciary.


Attempts by certain conservatives to bring out the specter of the culture war in the General Election are a waste of time.  Both sides need to focus on the issues and develop a market-based or government-led solution to the programs.  The cultural war issues need to be saved for a day when our nation is in prosperity and not when it is on a possible road to economic depression and financial meltdown.


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