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I hope this does not offend any people.  My personal opinion of Code Pink is that they go too overboard in their protesting the Bush Administration.

On Redstate, I found a post on Code Pink people dressed up in crazy outfit and trying to get ordinary American’s attention that Sarah Palin is for prolonging the Iraq War and supports oil companies.

The problem is most people are turned off by their tactics even though their message might be the truth.  This is a group that might have the right message but use bad tactics to try communicate to the American their cause.  When people like me labels them as crazy, that shows a lot of people find their tactics to be tasteless.

Code Pink needs to refocus how they market their message to the American public.  Yelling during congressional hearings and wearing crazy outfits is not going to turn Joe Blow in Kansas towards your cause. 

If they truly want to be effective, they need to repackage their message and their tactics for promoting their message to the American people.  They do not need to change the content of their message only the way it is packaged  and how it promoted to the American people.


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