Sick People. Ala. couple charged in scheme to get girl pregnant

The AP reports

“SELMA, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama couple who wanted a baby repeatedly sexually assaulted an underage girl in hopes she’d get pregnant and give them the infant, authorities said Monday.

Court records show Jeremy Swann, 29, and wife Amanda Swann, 28, both of the Jones community in rural Dallas County, were charged with rape.

District Attorney Michael Jackson said the man’s mother also was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly knowing what was going on and failing to intervene.

All three were set for a bond hearing Monday afternoon, and Jackson said he would oppose any request to lower the bond now set at $500,000 for the couple.

“If anything we will ask that it be increased,”

Sick people with sick morals. Have people ever heard about adoption or having foster child? Apparently, not for this couple.

Sentence is 35 years in the penitentiary

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Rick Perry Did Nothing Wrong Because the Buffalo Bills Cut a DT for DUI

Everybody heard about Rick Perry’s feud with the DA from Austin. Mr. Perry asked for her to resign because for DUI. Well, here is a guy from the Bills cut a guy because of DUI per ESPN

“One day after Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Alan Branch was arrested, the team released the eighth-year veteran.

The Bills released Alan Branch one day after he was arrested, according to a league source.
Branch was excused from Saturday’s 27-14 preseason loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after being arrested for drunken driving in western New York.

State police say Branch was arrested at about 2 a.m. Saturday in the town of Cheektowaga after officers noticed Branch vomiting out the driver’s side door of his vehicle.

Police say Branch failed a field sobriety test and had a blood-alcohol content of .14 percent. The legal limit is .08 percent. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and released. He’s due back in court on Aug. 29.

Branch, 29, appeared to be battling for a roster spot despite receiving a three-year extension last December and a $3.1 million signing bonus after last season. After starting 13 games last season, Branch played sparingly in the first preseason games, entering in the fourth quarter alongside much less experienced players.”

A district attorney is held to a much higher standard than a defense tackle for the Buffalo Bills. If the Bills thought that getting rid of a defense tackle just for drunk driving, than Rick Perry has every right to call out for the resignation of a DA for drunken driving. A DA that commits a drunk driving has compromised their ability to fairly prosecute DUI cases under the law.

So in my opinion, Rick Perry did nothing wrong.

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Rush Limbaugh: I Should Go To Hell Because Of My Robin William’s

So Rush Limbaugh just does not when shut his big fat mouth

“Radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday said that actor Robin Williams’ alleged suicide was caused by his “political leftist” state of mind.

“What is the left’s world view in general?” Limbaugh asked his audience the day after Williams’ death was announced. “If you had to attach, not a philosophy, but an attitude to a leftist world view. It’s one of pessimism, and darkness, sadness. They’re never happy, are they?”

“They’re animated in large part by the false promises of America because the promises of America are not for everyone,” he continued, pointing to a Fox News report that suggested Williams had struggled with financial issues, and survivor’s guilt after the deaths of entertainers like Christopher Reeve, Andy Kaufman and John Belushi.

“Robin Williams felt guilty that he was still alive while his three friends had died young, and much earlier than he had,” the conservative talker explained. “He could never get over the guilt that they died and he didn’t.”

“Well, that is a constant measurement that is made by political leftists in judging the country.”

Really, Rush Limbaugh. Just go shut up for big mouth and go to hell. Well, not literally, but figuratively.

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Forgiveness is a tough concept. As my mind wander through Pastor Sian’s sermon today, I was thinking about the damage that I committed on past jobs. Especially my employer that I worked for ten years. The damage that I did my career through my refusal to change my work habits haunts me to this very date. It really affects me today that I did all of this damage to my employer. I was a hard worker but I failed ot address some of the inattention that my ADHD and autism creates in my life.

Forgiveness requires one to forgive themselves before they forgive. Forgiving others takes a lifetime of action and patience to deal with the changes of the future. Working at that issue requires time and effort. I hope that God give me the patient to forgive myself and helps me to make my proper amends to my employer.

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The Tea Party Self Loathing Fear of Immigrants

More nuts from the Tea Party – From Newsmax.Com

“(Newsmax) – Militia members and other concerned U.S. citizens are converging on the border town of Laredo, Texas, on Friday to create a blockade against illegal immigrants crossing into the United States, the organizer of the human chain and protest said on Newsmax TV’s “MidPoint.”

“This will continue for days and weeks to come” and spread “to other points” along the U.S.-Mexico frontier, Barbie Rogers, founder of the Patriots Information Hotline, said in a telephone interview.

Rogers declined to give an exact head count beyond “more than 50 people” or reveal whether participants are armed, citing worries about their security.


But she said blockaders will follow the same rules of engagement as protesters in an April standoff between federal officials and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

“Just like at the Bundy ranch, there will be no patriot out there on that line that will fire first,” Rogers said.

Her website on Wednesday posted a “call to ACTION for all Militia, III%ers, Oathkeepers, and Patriotic support personnel.

- See more at:”

Dude, are these guys the modern day Know-Nothings, From Wikipedia -“The Know Nothing movement was an American political movement that operated on a national basis during the mid-1850s. It promised to purify American politics by limiting or ending the influence of Irish Catholics and other immigrants, thus reflecting nativism and anti-Catholic sentiment. It was empowered by popular fears that the country was being overwhelmed by German and Irish Catholic immigrants”

In reality, they have a fear about have the country overwhelmed by Mexican immigrants. They are scared by hundred forms of fear of immigrants and do not want to share this country with them. Their problems are of their own making because they do not want to deal with the root problem which is the resentment and fear that flows from their soul. The problem is that Tea Party especially the immigrants do not want to do the hard work finding out the causes for their fear and admit the character defect. The final part is the most problem is to do this vigrious housekeeping is to keep a personal journal that shows how the person has progressed on dealing with their fear and resentment towards immigrants and of LGBT people. And then to discuss that with other person.

Such is hard task, but I have to do this. I am a recovered alcohlic and I had to in my life. I had to jot deal all of my fears about htings that I do not want to change and yet, it is uncomfortable action.

This is toughest act to do especially for the person who is not in the grip of a violent addiction to do, but it is part of human spiritual evolution. In a socialist society, spiritual evolution is part of society which I am not getting into at this time due to being tired, but I just want to put my thoughts on after this post on the Tea Party site.

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Texas Puts in Fans In Prison. What About Air Conditioning

The AP reports

UNTSVILLE, Texas — The nation’s most populous prison system, facing legal actions and criticism about inmates having to endure oppressive Texas summer heat, is looking to make conditions a bit more bearable at seven state lockups by installing cooling systems similar to those seen on the sidelines of early-season football games.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice officials insist the new cooling devices are not in response to numerous lawsuits alleging triple-digit temperature readings inside prison buildings are improperly cruel punishment and have led to inmates’ deaths.


A cooling fan somewhat similar to what’s used on the sidelines of early-season football games now mitigates the heat at a jail near Huntsville, Texas.
A cooling fan somewhat similar to what’s used on the sidelines of early-season football games now mitigates the heat at a jail near Huntsville, Texas. The Associated Press
Jay Eason, the deputy director of prison and jail operations, said Friday the 28 Cool-Space evaporative coolers are “just something we thought we would try.” He noted the agency buys fans every year, adding, “This year we purchased close to 700 additional fans for offender housing and work areas.”

The cooling equipment employs a large fan inside a 6-by-6-foot box. Water from a hose behind the $1,800 device flows over coils that cool the air pushed by the fan. Similar devices are used at athletic events, although those often blow a mist, too.

The agency is trying the new strategy in metal dormitory buildings at the seven prison units. Three are transfer facilities where inmates are housed whil”

How about simpler solution? Air conditioning.  Texas is notoriously hot and humid.  Fans are not enough.  They need put into air conditioning and keep the temperature at 78 degrees.  It does not need to be cold in the prison, just enough to make the prisoners enough to feel decent.

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ISIS is pure as reported by CNN

(CNN) — The Iraqi air force struck back at the militant group ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, killing more than 200 militants, Iraqi state TV reported Monday morning. The air raids took place in Saqlawiyah, northwest of Fallujah, according to a graphic run by state TV.

ISIS has been ruthlessly fighting to take control of Iraq and has apparently posted chilling photos on jihadi Internet forums seeming to show the executions of Iraqi security forces.

CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the images purportedly posted by ISIS. CNN is examining the terrain in the images, some of the signage on buildings in several of the pictures and the uniforms of the apparent victims. Those details suggest the photos are real and were taken in Iraq.

A caption on some of the images reads: “apostates heading to their hole of doom.”

ISIS, an al Qaeda splinter group, wants to establish a caliphate, or Islamic state, that would stretch from Iraq into northern Syria. The group has had substantial success in Syria battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s security forces”

These people are inviting for US bombing on them.  I want peace and not war, but seeing images of these terrorists makes me really cringe.  Maybe, seeing enough of these images will make me change my mind to see a US bomber drop a bunker buster and take out of these guys.

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